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Tampa Bay, Fl Comanche Hitch

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Unless he has custom made brackets that's not a comanche hitch that's a cherokee hitch which is why the 3 bolts on each side are going up where they would mount into the frame behind the bumper on each side of the gas tank.



That's a comanche hitch, they bolt to the sides.

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That hitch DID come off of a Comanche.  I tried to buy the Eliminator it had been bolted to but it sold before I could get my pops out there to look at it / buy it.  The guy said the truck would not come with the hitch...... then he listed the hitch shortly after selling the truck.  This is the second time it's been on Craigs. 


You can tell the hitch had custom brackets welded to the sides and it will probably require drilling into the frame to mount it.  The bolt pattern of 3 bolts close together isn't correct for a Cherokee hitch.

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