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95 Ax15 From An Xj Into My 91 Eliminator?

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 internal slave finally packed it in. had the master changed a few months ago.

i have saved the external slave tranny and t-case from a previous (95) xj of my wifes. both are obviously 4.0 ho. both were ax 15. would there be any issues putting the  95 one in? different plug-ins?  i still have the master and slave unbled.

 thanks, shawn.

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swapping trannys/ bell housings are about the same efforts,

If your old tranny is known to be better than the 95's then go for the swap of bellhousings,

I'm sure you know, external is hyfar the way to go, for the exact reason your experiencing


If your replacing your slave anyways, rockauto has a prebled master to slave for external ax15 which is definantly woth it

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 on-going saga  ...  got the tranny in from the 95, including the unbled  external slave and master, but now its behaving just like the internal one on the old tranny. - move the pedal a mm off the floor and it grabs. can't get the upper gears or reverse.   at wits end....... what could be the cause of that  ??

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