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Vent Vaccum Lines

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Also make sure the vacuum check valve(s) are there and orientated in the proper direction to allow the intake manifold to "suck" vacuum. Depending on installed equipment that use vacuum to function (cruise, HVAC, cooling, etc.) there could be up to three check valves. They do go bad, and can be tested with a vacuum pump. Or do what I do, suck and blow using your built-in vacuum body pump. 

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On the firewall there are two small hoses coming OUT of the firewall.  One is pink(ish) the other is black.  The black one is the small one on the vac ball.  The pink one goes to the heater valve (if equipped).  The fat black hose on the vac ball is the SOURCE vacuum.  The small one is the HVAC/CAD line.   


A leak (crack/break/rub/disconnected line) will cause problem with the blend doors and possibly the cruise control.  Replace....as opposed to repair these bulk type lines...they're dirt cheap. 

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