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Ax15,muncie, T10

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I can't give any numbers, but I know the Muncie (SM465) will stomp all over just about anything else except more recent truck transmissions, and the T10 was used in Corvettes equipped with 300+ HP small blocks, as well as 400+ HP big blocks if I'm not mistaken.  The AX-15 may be durable in our 200 HP MJ's and XJ's, but I think I can safely say the other two were put behind engines, from the factory, with twice that much output.  Also, the SM465 and T10 are suitable for two very different applications - don't expect the T10 to hold up to being driven like a dump truck, and don't expect to the SM to like speed-shifting.

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The B-W T10 was also used in the AMC Javelins and AMXs behind the 390 and 401 engines, and several friends of mine had drag race AMXs with 390s that were built far beyond the factory "go package" rating. The transmissions held up fine. I think those engines would have eaten an AX-15 alive in a few seconds. The AX-15 is considered a "medium-duty" transmission. (The BA 10/5 is considered "light-duty.")

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