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Dash Lights Won't Dim.

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guys, on my 87 2.5 the dash lights work but don't dim. they go straight to off when I turn the headlamp switch. also the heater panel lights aren't working. it's not the buld cause every once in a while they will come on then right off again. are the 2 tied into each other? is there a separate fuse for the dimmer?

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the head light and dimmer in my truck are the same switch..you pull on the headlights and turn the knob right to left to dim.and spray contact cleaner on the harness plug while its out

^^^ This - but you need to get the contact cleaner INSIDE the switch to clean the dash dimmer potentiometer.


If contact cleaner doesn't do the job, then replace the headlight switch.

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The dimmer for the dash lights is built into the headlight switch. As said above, you pull the knob out to turn on parking lights (first step) then further out to turn on the headlights. Rotating the knob operates a rheostat that is built into the switch which dims or brightens the dash lights, depending on which way you turn it. If turned fully to the left, it should turn on the cab courtesy lights (B pillar lights and under dash lights). If you don't have the under dash lights, go to your local P&P and pull a set from a Cherokee. One screw holds the bracket to the dash and then disconnect the connector. Your truck should have the connectors behind the dash. Sorry, got a little off topic there.

The separate dimmer switch advertised is probably the low beam/high beam switch for the head lights.

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