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Oem Part Numbers For Tail Lights

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Yep... when doing a search on ebay this morning the listing came up and simply showed the Comanche compatibility section on the chart. So I hit the buy it now.........

Then when I double checked this afternoon I noticed 8 more pages of "compatible vehicles" on the same listing, I don't see how I would have missed that. the moment I saw Cherokee on them this afternoon, I knew I was F****d. There were 4 separate listings when I originally bought from two of them ( all 4 were from different sellers).each had over 5 days left on the auction when I purchased.

When I checked this afternoon all 4 auctions were listed as "ended" even thought earlier today there were days left. Tell me that is a coincidence....

 I have already gotten a formal cancellation on one...waiting on the other.

Damn I feel like such an idiot....what a scam.

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If you have to, contact Ebay Resolution and/or PayPal if you paid that way.  They should get your $$ back if the seller is not cooperative.  Ebay & PayPal got my money back from the seller when I bought something years ago.  The parts (lights) you bought were misrepresented as compatible, EVEN if the listing says "buyer responsible for fitment".  If they can't refund the money and the seller insists he sold them in good faith, you can rip him a new one in the feedback department...and sell the XJ light.


I've been accused of being a cheap bastard...on several occasions...I AM !!   :brows:


I hate being scammed !!  :no:

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