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Complete Brake Failure While Driving!

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Well, the title says it all. Here's a summary:

Bought the truck a year ago and bled out all the gunky nasty old fluid. I've been daily driving the comanche for this time. I have never had problems, but about two weeks ago I was off-roading and after about an hour of off-roading I went to leave. I went to hold the brakes at a stop sign, and started rolling backwards. Pedal went to the floor and I almost hit my buddy! I stopped the truck, looked at the lines, underneath, the fluid reservoir, etc. Nothing out of the norm. I cautiously drove home, having no further issues. I've been driving it daily since, thinking that it was an odd fluke since I haven't had any other issues or spongy brake, etc. Now today I was *in traffic* approaching a red light. I went to hit the brakes....and NOTHING. Pedal to the floor, same as last time. It seems as if the pedal has resistance as normal for a second, and then I lost everything. I quickly hit the parking brake and brought the truck to a stop, brake function then returned to normal and I drove her home very cautiously.


Now the truck is "red X'd" (any other aviation guys out there?!). It's condemned. It's not worth driving it with the danger of not being able to stop, because there is obviously a problem. Anybody have an idea as to what is wrong. I can't say I have ever seen an *intermittent* COMPLETE brake failure, with no other signs or symptoms.



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Brake fluid is hygroscopic, means it absorbs water. This is why I don't like brake rebuild kits for the do it your selfer.

There could be excessive corrosion in the bores or components caused by 20+ years of water saturated brake fluid.

Only time I would use a rebuild kit is if the master or wheel cylinders were unobtainable or excessively expensive.

Another downside is you need a brake cylinder hone which is another added cost if you don't have one.

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