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Comanche Lift

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I just bought a 1 owner,rust free me out of Arizona. 4.0,5spd. Has a dana44 in the rear with a rebuilt motor. Seems to run fine but the 3.07 gears kill it. Have built a lot of cars but not 4 wheel stuff. Here is what I use it for, mainly going fishing so I don't need a crawler.

I've seen the soa which I can do but remain confused as to what springs to use in the front.

I can build control arms ect. I'm not concerned about ride, I drive a lot of 50's era straight axle trucks.

What is a spring I can get from the salvage yd or order new?

Thanks in advance. I will match tires and gearing at the same time.

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Back up and start at the beginning.


First, how do you plan to use the truck?


Second, what size tires do you plan to run?


Third (and well after the other two questions have been answered), how much lift you you think you need?


Ideally, you want the least amount of lift that will get you where you're going. You can run 31x10.50s in factory rims with NO lift, and that's probably enough to get you to most fishin' holes right there. A spring over conversion is going to lift the rear by around 5-1/2 inches, which means doing a lot to the front to lift it my a comparable amount.

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