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This Week: Manifold & Exhaust Repair

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Going to R&R the manifolds this week since I got my commuter car back from the shop.  From what I can see I have a small crack at #5 and a slightly longer crack at #6 (actually I don't know how long...I can't see where it stops).  I can't see the actual joints at the collecters so don't know exactly what I'm getting into until I take it out.  I have reasonable welding skills, I've built a trailer for my canoes and sliders for the XJ.  Both of which have held up for several years without issue.


My plan is to weld up the crack(s), and put a flex joint after the O2/EGR bungs (88).  Then wrap the ex. manifold and put it all back together.  Don't really have the cash to replace manifold right now but I need to get the exhaust leak(s) done and fixed.


Any tips, trick or other wisdom out there??



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Take the air cleaner assembly out to give you better access.

I was pretty much planning on removing everything on the drivers side. Air filter assembly, throttle body, Intake/Exhaust, fuel rail, hoses etc. and all the pipe back to the cat. Replace motor mounts too.  It'll be grounded for a week, so I might as well do what I can while it's apart.

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