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2.5 Fan

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Heading to the wreckers shortly to find a stock replacement. I tried an electric fan but it is way too loud and I don't trust it.


Long shot question here but, other than Jeeps, does anyone know what other vehicles share the same fan?

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Been out checking. Used the following engines for comparison.

1985 2.5 XJ

1986 2.8 MJ

1987 2.5 MJ

1991 2.8 S10

1995 2.8 S10

1993 4.0 XJ

The size. make year of engine has nothing to do with interchange.

All V belts will swap. All serpentine belts will swap. Serpentine and V belt will not swap. The Vbelt pully is a hair bigger than the serpentine pully. It's so close that a couple swipes with a rat tail file in each hole will do it tho. This is fitting the pulley onto the water pump shaft. Not the fan blade to the fan clutch.

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The fan I got is pushing not pulling so keep that in mind when using other fans off other vehicles you may not get the correct rotation.


Edit: Fixed the hole in the shroud and power timed it (was way off), running cool now. Now onto the drive train vibration...

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