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Tie Rod Ends

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I’m replacing the tie rod ends on my Comanche.  The Part numbers I have are ES2221, ES2222, and ES2223.  I am having trouble finding where these tie rod ends go.  If anyone could help it would be appreciated.  Thanks!

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ES2222L has a left-hand thread and goes on the pitman arm, at the upper end of the drag link.


ES2221L (left-hand thread) and ES2223R (right-hand thread) are the two on the actual tie rod. If you keep the long adjusting sleeve (the tie rod) oriented the way it's in the vehicle now, you can't put one on the "wrong" end because it won't thread in. If you pull the entire tie rod assembly, it doesn't really matter which goes where because the studs are the same -- the only difference is that one has a left-hand thread.

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