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Parting Out 98 Cherokee Sport Se Wi Or Sell Whole $1000 Obo


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98 Cherokee. just had motor replaced with junkyard motor....found out the oil pump is seized (sheared teeth off of distributor). Has good compression. I imagine it had moisture in the pump and was iced up. compression was 100psi in the lowest hole, 150 in highest. Engine has been dry/not ran for quite some time, and dry rings do not seal well.

176xxx miles on jeep.



4.0 motor has good compression could have issues, had bad oil pump $75

aw4 $100

np231 sealed output $250

d30 $100

C8.25 $100

3.55 gears

factory tow package. Mount for trailer harness rusted off hitch, but hitch is solid. $50 for hitch, $50 for plug and play harness

keyless with key remote 97-98 style $50

factory fogs (complete headlight harness plus switch panel and fogs. plug that in, you've got fogs) $150

good bumpers $50 each

cruise control $100

decent rubber on crap rims $50

good doors...minor rust on lower edge, but not bad can be easily cleaned up $75 each w/o regulators

nice front fenders $75 each

header panel complete w/o harness but w/ lights $100

nice liftgate...minor rust not bad can be easily cleaned up $150

good radiator $50

aux fan $20

stamped steel 96+ valve cover $20

all sensors - make offer

throttle body $40

intake $10

complete exhaust with 02 sensors and good catalytic converter, good hangars $150

complete Power window/Power lock harness will work deal with all regulators/harness to do conversion send me a pm

fuel tank (pump is good, doesn't leak) $50

dash make offer

steering column non-cruise $80

full set of matching key with all locks (front doors, ignition, glovebox door, rear hatch) $80

new starter $50

97+ conversion stuff


The floors are rotted out. Has a push button to start...haven't looked into that



1000 OBO on the jeep. All prices are OBO and do not include shipping. pics posted below

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I'm interested in the cruise if it includes the complete wheel. Edit: Nevermind, i just re-read and see the column does not have cruise.


yes it does I will sell that, then put together a non cruise column for sale since I have the parts.


Rob, I don't really need the OHC...

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Things that are sold



engine harness/ecu/tcu

trans cooling lines and external cooler


rear bumper

front hitch

front axle


tail lights

complete a/c system

keyless entry

tcase shifter/linkage

front driveshaft


What I have left;


rear hatch - $150

front doors - $150 each

rear doors -$75 each

tinted rear side glass with seals - $50

windshield - $50

dash - $75 complete plastics, no electronics

interior harness - make offer

front clip (fenders, hood, hinges, header panel, front bumper, and inner fenders) - $275 for all of it, or $75 per fender, $100 for header, $50 for bumper

fog light/headlight harness, switch, and lights - $150

door seals - $25 for front, you can have the rears if you want them

engine - $75 needs oil pump but has decent compression.

transfercase - $250

chrysler 8.25 with good brakes - $100

rear driveshaft - $25

e-brake assembly - $25

center console $75 but the mount is broken, console is in nice shape

good seats - $50 for all of them

cruise control - $100

gas tank - $50



rear hitch is trash.


All prices are "Or Best Offer"


I will not ship doors, windshield, rear hatch, gas tank, or axle. obviously they are too big to ship reasonably and you'd be better off getting them locally. I could ship the dash, but it won't be cheap.

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