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It Was The Best Of Times...


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I'm sure you know how the rest of the saying goes.


Guess the truck finally got tired of me ignoring it; and boy did it show me what-for. Seems the 25 year old fuel pump decided it wanted to retire to South Miami Beach for the rest of it's days. :fs1:


The good news it that it still works... but only when it wants to. :shake: For all it's worth, it still hasn't left me stranded yet; so at least I can be thankful for that.


As a note for my other 4 Cylinder brethren out there; the Denso OEM Fuel Pumps are no longer being made by Chrysler. The Bosch ones still are though (and are apparently also OEM), but I needed one fast, and had to go with an Airtex. I highly recommend to those of you wanting OEM parts that intend to keep the 4 Cylinder to order one for the future.


Unless Rock Auto or some other place is still selling their stocks of Denso pumps. In that case, I'll be getting another sometime soon to hold on to.

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Sure it's not a ballast resistor issue? (if you have one)

Quite sure; the 2.5s don't have the ballast resistor like the 4.0s. Took a sharp turn with the truck and apparently there wasn't much gas; so the truck shut off after sucking in crud.

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