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My Newest Jeep: 91 Sportruck.


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so after a year and a half of searching for another comanche (after loosing my last one to vandals) that was reasonably priced (not $3000 for a rusty 2.5L 2wd) I found this little truck on craigslist, a 1991 comanche sport truck, 4x4, 5spd, 4.0l H.O. I decided i better go look at it, this deal was too good to be true, it was listed for $1500 with 246.000KM on the odometer, and an almost perfect running driveline, everything works, the rear locks up really well still, engine is strong, the T-case locks instantly, but the AX-15 is on its way out. so i when i went and took a look at it i saw it had quite a bit of cancer (all fixable, and the unibody was clean) so we agreed on $900. since it was just sitting in his yard for the past 4 years. so here's some pictures.


the night i picked it up


the bottom of the door and rocker


the full extent of passenger side exterior body rust


pulled out the headliner.


pulled the carpet out fully expecting the absolute worst






so as a temporary fix i fiberglassed the floor, till i can get a hold of a welder and some nice weather.


reinstalled the interior till spring rolls around for me to weld new floors in and mount some bucket seats and fab a new center console


and the trusty 4leaker (that doesnt leak, I must be getting really lucky with my jeeps, I havent owned one that leaked oil.)


plans for the future when i can get a hold of a welder and some better tools are to lift the truck 4.5" on 33's and do a 8.8 rear and D44 front swap, build some skid plates and new bumpers / sliders, and fabricate some bucket seat rails and a custom center console with cup holders and some mounts for a 4 point harness. for now its a DD till i can get another truck for a DD and i can start pouring money into this truck.


also. yesterday a few friends wanted to go play in the snow, so took the MJ to see how far i could get, everyone there had lifted rams and dakota's and where razing me and saying how i won't make it anywhere. till they all got stuck in under 1 foot of snow and i drove past them, and made it to 2.5 feet of snow before my truck stopped from the snow i had build up on the front end. then turned around and drove back. to watch them all trying to dig them selfs out of their mess. I love jeeps!

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Lol funny that u mention about other trucks getting stuck and the only one out....

I went to a bonfire with some friends with a Cherokee and a tj and I'm the one with the only Comanche.... That night we went mudding at night playing around then silverados and rams and f150s trucks come in making fun of us because they were monster high compared to us so they go ahead along the trail then we catch up to them stuck in one of the muckiest parts out there and the only three jeeps made it out and back with no problem


That's when it hit me man I love jeeps

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