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Dash Clock Debacle

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Added an A/F meter to the dash panel just right of the cluster.


Wanted the OEM clock also. Found said clock (actually several)

at the JY and proceeded to methodically ruin each and every one

of them. In this image you see the clock body, cut to receive the

A/F meter. That hole required a minor trim of the circuit board.

Note the three trimmed boards to the left. Although it looks drastic,

that cut violated only one trace on the board. A jumper wire was

carefully soldered to bypass the cut trace. The soldering was done

by someone (not me) very well versed in miniature circuit board

design and assembly, and then carefully checked for shorts and

for continuity.

Each board worked fine before the mod, and worked fine after the

soldering, but failed after the trimming (by dremel). I can only surmise

that the vibration caused a component failure (???).


So, my fallback option shown here is to mount the meter in an original

blank panel:


But I really want a clock there also. Any suggestions?

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We looked very closely for that. Very simple circuit, very confident it's single layer only.


It is. When I mounted a Benz ambient temp display in my 91 clock I had to Dremel quite a bit on the case - turned out the vibes killed the LED display. I had a spare, replaced the board/display, and it functioned again.




For the A/F meter, I mounted it in an Autometer A-pillar gauge pod.

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Don't you have a clock on your radio??


I put a trans temp gauge in that spot but I eliminated the clock because I have one on my radio. I removed the clock altogether and used some plexiglas to mount the gauge. It took a couple tries to get it done but I finally got it.



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Well, the only thing that comes to mind is a brakelight kill switch, for

running through the woods with minimum lights.


Yeah, like that...when you're smuggling bootleg rum or some kind of powdery substance.


But seriously folks, one is for driving lights, the other is for my aux e-fan. Pretty simple.

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