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Bench To Buckets

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Comanche buckets go right in. XJ buckets will need to be attached to your bench's floor brackets. XJ curved sliders will raise your butt up by a couple inches (not good for tall people). Straight sliders are the same as MJ bucket sliders.

buckets from 4door XJs don't lean forward. MJ and 2door XJ buckets do.

in bucket-equipped MJ/XJs, the female side of the seatbelt will have a sheath around it so that it stands up and doesn't fall to the floor all the time. be forewarned though, removing the female side of the seatbelt can be challenging on a rusty Jeep. The bolt has a tendency of just snapping off and leaving you with no seatbelt at all :(

and speaking of rust, be sure to spray the bench floor bracket bolts for days ahead of time to reduce the chance of snapping them. (that goes for all MJs, not just the rust-belt ones)


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