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2.5 Alternator Removal

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First off, I wish this manual specified the procedure for the 4 cylinder engine. I'm fairly certain this is for the 6 cyl, because as you see below, I've removed more than the "alternator adjustment + pivot bolts" and still can't get this darn thing off.


#1 is a long skinny one holding it to the 2.5 bracket. #2 is the idler pulley.


I removed #4 first, another main one holding the actual alternator to the bracket. I then removed #3 because I figured I have to remove the bracket along with the alternator.


# 5 was the other main bolt holding the alt to the bracket. #'s 6/7 are 2 that I believe connect the bracket to the block. They are under the pulley, and above one another.


Is it time for me to pull out the hammer and start pounding this thing out? Or am I correct in that I have to remove the bracket along WITH the alternator to get it out? I would have taken the pulley off the alternator, but I don't have a socket bigger than 7/8s to remove it. :mad: Can you even remove that pulley? :dunno: :help:

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Don't know how I completely missed the belt tensioner. Loosened that up and removed the lower brackets holding the alternator in place.


Had to remove the brackets anyway to get some serious grime off them. Now I just have to re-install everything tomorrow. Hopefully the install will go smoother than the removal. :ack:



Also, No power steering setup on my truck. Not sure how that would work then; aside from undoing the belt-tensioning bolt.

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