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Transmission mount

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Just figured id post this to maybe help some others in the future.

Well ive had my manch for nearly 7k miles of driving now and on my last camping trip it started making this buckling metal clank at low speeds and idling with the AC on. And when youd shut it off it made a little "rock stuck between exhaust pipe and crossmember" sound.

So i thought... something is up i just don't know what. First of this type of jeep ive ever worked on. I work on cars every day for a living and have my own shop so fixing cars is nothing new to me.

So it should be easy to find right? look look look... everything seems OK.

Sound can NOT be heard from under the car, only transmitted to you when your IN the cab.

So I'm fiddling with it and i realize.. its GOT to be the trans mount.

Nothing else can make this noise I'm hearing. The mount is only 30 bucks at Oreilly... so ill go grab one and pop it in.


Soon as i pulled the cross member off.... :eek:


THERE is the sound... the stupid exhaust hanger is made as part of the transfer case bracket... and the trans/tcase mount had sagged so much that the mount was resting ON the cross member... :fs1:


It all looked normal to me, because i had never seen it apart before.


Soon as i changed the mount, that exhaust hanger is now an inch+ off the cross member.


jamminz.gif Its like a new car... shifter is higher in the cab and its SO quiet now.


YAY!!! :clapping:


So i would say to anyone with a comanche.. have a look under there and if you have over 150k.... just change the mount. Its cake.

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Yup and anchor makes them all. They make the one for Orielly,pep boys and they make the one for autozone. Autozone even references it as A2625 (anchor).


Napa has one that is balkamp which is likely a better unit,(if not made by anchor) AND they only want 18 instead of the 30 that the rest of the houses get.


Rockauto has the anchor mount for ... TEN bucks. lol. Yes thats 10 dollars.

But with shipping its 20 bucks and i didnt feel like waiting.


*parts chimp* hahhhahaha! love it.

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The tranny mount is one of the parts I always replace with a Mopar original. Tried an el-cheapo once and it sagged out within four years. The OEM mount was in better shape after fifteen years when I removed it.


I have no problem using some aftermarket engine mounts though. Better and stronger than originals, Brown Dog for example.

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i've dealt with the anchor brand on my aw4.in the last 12 years i've replaced it 3 times but ther're not expensive and advance auto keeps them in stock.now on the other hand the tranny mount failed on my gf's 95 zj and caued the cat to crack and break off so i replaced it with a mopar unit.the original lasted almost 200k miles and i'm sure the mount will end up outlasting the rest of the jeep or at least the 42re transmission.

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