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1987 longbed sick nasty mj

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Ok guys, bought my first mj after selling my xj. It was a rush purchase, as i needed something to get to work and school. So its a 1987 lwd 4x4, with a 4.0 HO swapped out of a 98 xj. Aw4 trans. Body is GARBAGE. But it's what i have to work with. rockers are non existent, the guy hacked up the fenders, and the floors are gone, and lots of dents! so when i first got it i swapped on a 2000 xj grill and fenders. also got a brand new tool box for it from the jy for $50. has stock gears with 33 kuhmo road venture mt's. started to rip up carpet, and after 4 hours i got the bench seat out! the bolts were fried with rust! Soa lift in back, and the MOST GHETTO lift in the front, he literally welded 4" steel boxes to the axle, and put the coil on top as well as shocks...also put in some hood pins since the latch is broke. Also i paid $1800 for this pile, but its one out of two ive seen on craiglist in the past 3 months. Also did the drivers wheel bearing last weekend. Oh and the kid literally spray painted the thing when he got "bored" lol. didnt tape of anything, theres overspray even on the glass... :doh:

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yea i regret paying that much, but i was in a bind as i needed something to drive, and ever since i bought no more mj's have popped up. but anyways i ripped ou the carpet, and the drivers side isnt as bad as ive seen in other peoples, also the passaengers is about half as bad. but the inner rocker is shot so gonna have to make a new one. a plasma cutter makes this soooooooooo much easier :cheers:

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