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Starts up and dies right away?? Cant get it running.

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Not sure if this has anything to do with it but yesteray I connected what looked to be a dis connected vac line from the EGR valve. It connected to the bottom port. Seemed to solve a high idle. After connecting it would run at 8000 at idle. This morning I get in it to head to work and it starts up and dies right away. Did that a few times. Then idles fine after a few tries and then dies a min later. I dsconnected the vac line I hooked up yesterday and still acting up. Like I said starts up revs up and dies right away. I'm taking the day from work to try to fix this. I havent worked on anything other than a cargo light switch and a exhaust clamp. I did notice yesterday while driving I lost power for a split second. Then never did it again. Need to figure this out! Any ideas?


This is a 88 4.0 ba/10

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In front of the EGR solenoid on the driver's inner fender is a white ceramic resistor about half inch wide by 3 inches long. Wire connected to each end. It's your fuel pump ballast resistor. When the engine is cranking, the fuel pump gets 12 volts directly, When the key returns to Run position, the voltage enters on one side of the ballast resistor and exits it at about 10 volts to the fuel pump. Be sure the connectors are tight. For testing purposes, you can always use a short jumper wire between the two wires on the resistor.

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