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Original '91 Metric Ton window sticker


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***If a thread already exists where copies of window stickers are being posted please direct me to it - If not, I think it'd be a cool idea just like the VIN registry....... Thanks!***


Had to part one out and found this still in the glove box. Figured I'd scan it and share it with you all. Found it pretty interesting. I have a larger file scan of this as well if someone wants better resolution.


If anyone has a '91 Metric Ton and would like this original sticker lemme know. I'd like to get it to ya.


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Cool. Thanks for posting that up... While I don't have a '91 Metric Ton, I do have a small collection of a few window stickers. I would be interested in it if you are offering it up for adoption.




hmm. Is adoption the new official CC word for buying/selling nowadays? I've heard that from neohic, and now you!


I like it. jamminz.gif Nice ring to it. :cheers:

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