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Co-worker has an 87 4cyl/stick MJ... runs badly...

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..won't hardly run at all now.....I am thinking this truck is having TPS issues same as mine may be. It's an '87 Comanche with the 4cyl and 4spd manual.


Here is what his is doing....it was cutting up erratic under acceleration and also at idle (felt the same as what mine does at hwy speed), now when you crank it it revs up then stalls. You can mat the pedal as the truck cranks and it will run full out, but as soon as you let up on the throttle, the truck just dies.


We are going to do a full refresh on the ignition system (plugs, wires, cap and rotor button) and also a fuel filter. I will check all vacuum lines at that time.


I thought that perhaps the TPS may be a culprit, and also checking the vacuum line to the map sensor.


Thanks for the heads up on how to check a TPS down the board, got 2 trucks to practice on !

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Mine was like that when I got it. I did the whole tune up thing, put several cans of fuel system cleaner through it only with marginal results. I drove it like that for a while, till I decided to throw in an O2 sensor. That did the trick... has run great ever since... been almost 4 years now since then. Good luck.

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