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'98 Jeep Cherokee 4.0 4X4 $500 (IN)


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Where are you located?

Hope, Indiana. It about 1 hour souht of Indy and 15 minutes east of Columbus, IN.


I tired to post some details before. Obviously not in the best shape. I paid $500 for it lass than a year ago. Other projects need attention. The previous owener hit a deer with the vehicle, and then went off the road. Some front damage. Not sever though (I guess that is judgemental). The drivers side got damaged. The doors on that side were banged up. I have replacements in the same color, purple. The passenger door is included, the front is $50 extra. I also have the passenger front, $50 extra (not damaged on the vehicle) The Jeep has 200 K miles on the clock. The air bags blew, but I have replacements. Also, including cruise parts and good steering wheel. The motor needs rebuilt or replaced. I do have a line on a 2000 block, that needs cam and one piston. The engine does run, smoke though and dosen't idle. I cleaned the interior, still disassembled. Including two 'new' tires. Aluminum GC rims on vehicle. Spare XJ aluminum rim included. There is some fllor damage and surface rust on the drivers floor board. The passengers front fender has some dents or bent. The vehicle does have the roof consul or navigation cluster. Also, it $500 firm. I do have some GC rear shock that will go with the vehicle. I probably have $1000 in it.


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