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stroker mpg

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mine is a .030 bore with 4.2 crank and rods, comp cam, borla header, 01 intake manifold, bored TB, neon srt4 injectors. I can get as low as 15 avg if i'm beating on it, or as high as 23 avg if I keep it in it's sweet spot around 1900rpm...seems to be my best fuel mileage with how it's built. I imagine it would be higher still if I grandpa-drove it.


that's on a 97 xj 5 speed.

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renix 4.7 in my xj with 37s and 5.13s


8 goofing off and hauling the mail. 15 usually on the highway and my best was 17 mpg driving to Moab. not too shabby I think since some guys have trouble getting that with much smaller tires and a 4.0 image_209027.gif


looking forward to modding this motor some more an swapping it in the MJ comanche.gif

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