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dumping raw fuel in the in to the exhaust

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plugs, wires, cap, rotor would be a start. surely plugs, if it's putting unburnt fuel into the exhaust.


aside from that, check for an intake manifold gasket leak.


I assume it's a 4.0? a bad intake/exhaust gasket leak would allow fuel to get out and right down in the exhaust. doubtful, but it's an idea.


aside from that, any fuel injectors wet when you shut it off or while running? if so, cracked injector.

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2.5 i put new BWD Ignition Coil , new Xact Spark Plug Wire Set, new Autolite Single Platinum Spark Plug's , new BWD Distributor Cap , and BWD Distributor Rotor, all about 4 months ago. Last week i put new Champion Spark Plug's, Denso Oxygen Sensor Direct Fit, and clean the throttle body. it still doing it

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