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so i finally find a bed and.........(pics)


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i hear theres a short bed at a local pick n pull by smithe the other day so i figured id go check it out. there usually crappy so i look first.

i get there and the bed is mint....i mean mint

it must of came from down south somewhere because there is NO rust anywhere.

just some faded paint and a crapped out pioneer sticker on it

i go back to the office to pay for it, $125.00 plus tax jamminz.gif and i ask them how much to rip it off for me

$35 ....i say do it, he gets on the mic and radios the lift to go get the truck.

when the truck came in from the yard, i noticed a crazt dent above the dr side taillight, a mark from the fork sliding across it and a fork puncture through the flair.

:wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall:

needless to say i started to scream on the outside and cry on the inside

i still took it and they threw in the taillights and the tailgate cuz of the mishap!

oh well, i got a bed now....its only been 3 years that ive been looking for one....lol

total price $166.00

here are some pics




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