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Fuel sending unit question

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I bought a 1988 - 23 gal tank from a JY. I have a '87 SWB. Can I switch everything (pump, sending unit, vents) to a new 18 gal tank?


Pump, yes. Vents, yes. Sending unit? It's a different part number, probably just the float arm difference. Might require some creative fabrication since you are going to a shallower tank, or a simple arm/float swap between the two. Should be obvious when the two sending units are side-by-side. Saw Jim's post - I don't think the the tank depths and float arm swings are the same.

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Not to say they haven't been swapped at some point in the past, but in looking for a sending unit that wasn't rusted through causing a leak, I have found short arm ones in all three sizes tanks with no rhyme or reason to what was in what. The only long arm sending unit I have (out of four I own and another three I left in the junk yard because they were toast plus one for a 2.8V6 that didn't have a provision for the fuel pump) is the one in the 23 gallon tank that originally came on my 87 Pioneer.


I did found that the short arms units will read full when the tank is anywhere above 3/4. Possibly because the arm can't go up any higher.


I used the best looking unit I had (which still had a pin hole rusted through, fixed the broken return line (Wildman has a read up somewhere on here), coated the inside and outside of the cover with seal-all to fix the leak and swapped my long arm sender over to it.

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Your right Don. I knew better. I'm just going to blame it on a mental lapse due to being at the puter late at night instead of in bed. Got all 3 tanks and was going to line them up and measure and take pics but got sidetracked with a sick horse. Maybe tomorrow. Had to have the horse put down. Vet couldn't do anything for her.

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