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97+ doors on a 89

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When it comes to bolting the newer doors on the MJ, are the hinges interchangeable? I just remembered the body portion of hinge is welded on. Can I swap the doors out at the hinge pin? :hmm:

Is there another thread available on this elsewhere? Pictures?

Looks like I found some doors. Want to make sure I get what hinges I need and the strikers.

Thanks guys!

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When you remove the six torx bolts, the entire hinge assemblies stay on the body. The holes for these six torx bolts are the same between the early and late model doors. The hinges currently on your truck will bolt onto the newer doors.


So no, you cannot change the doors out at the pins.


In this picture, the six torx bolts have been removed, allowing the door to be taken off. As you can see, the hinge assembly stays on the truck.


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