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AX4 external slave cylinder possible?

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I am in need of your knowledge once again,


I have looked for this for hours but found nothing on the internet, I read that it is possible to convert AX5 from internal to external slave cylinder, and also read that AX4 and AX5 are almost identical except for the 5th gear.


So can AX4 be turned to external slave cylinder? this due to my transmission is in pretty good shape so I would like to keep it.


If so what are the parts that I would be needing? and if possible could you confirm from wich years do I need the parts?


Thank you for your help. :help:

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Yes, and very easily so.


You'll need an external bellhousing from an 84-86, 94+ 4 cylinder Jeep.

The front bearing retainer for the externals is different, so you'll need that too.

Also the shift fork, throwout bearing.


Worst part is going to be setting up the clutch line. Remember that external slaves need to be bled off the bellhousing, and you need to find some way to keep the cylinder compressed while bleeding.


Internal bearing retainer on the left, external on the right. (These are for an AX-15, but just to show you the difference.)

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