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Blower Fan

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I'm on the third blower fan in the '88, and now that colder weather is here it's howling like a banshee. Probably won't last the winter, so I should do something now.


Junkyard fans don't last long, but you can't get new ones from the factory. However, you can get bare motors from the parts houses. I looked at replacing the motor when the original died, and I couldn't figure out how to get the impeller off the shaft. Has anybody done this? If so, how you you do it?

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I did it on all three of mine - it looks hairy but if you are careful it works.


1) Take off the compression ring with pliers. Take care cause it will fly great distances if it slips out (ask me how I know!)


2) Spray some lube on the motor shaft (I used white lithium spray grease but any thick spray lube will work) and if possible shift the squirrel cage up and down. I had to tap on two mine with a soft head mallet to shift them a bit, and in one case I had to take a small flat screwdriver and gently pry the tabs apart, putting more lube in while spreading them.


3) Get a flat (2") prybar and work each side of the cage upwards to force the cage off the shaft. It will look like its gonna break but none of mine did. If you get worried about the slow progress keep your eye on the motor shaft end - the cage will start working its way off.


When the cage is about 1/2 way off it will all of a sudden come free. The new motor shaft should be flat on one side - be sure and align the cage on it before pushing it down. Initally the cage will feel loose and may even shift up and down on the shaft but when you replace the compression ring it will be snug.


Good luck!

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