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gotta love J B Quick weld


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last friday I bought a 05 grand cherokee for much less than 10 grand. the only problem with it was the drivers door handle was broke. so the dealer said it would be a $750 dollar part that would need to be ordered. I asked them if they would deduct that from the cost of the Jeep if i could fix it my self, and they did. yesterday i scored both drivers and passenger door panels for $10 each :yes: (new that was like $1500 worth of interior door) the only problem is the door panel was the wrong color. :wrench: so out with the pocket knife to remove the plastic rivets that held the door lever in place and moved that over to my current panels and held in place with J B quick weld, thus saving me $750 and having monthly payments below $200 :clapping:


the finished product looks great






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5.7 V8 :drool:


I love my Grand Cherokee, i am planning to upgrade the head unit with a stock one that has the aux input on it. I like Pandora Radio on my phone.


you can buy a little kit that uses the CD changer input to plug in your iphone/ipod/mp3

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