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New locks - Compatible, or not?

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Gearing up to start work on the '88 4-banger MJ that's been sitting for ... too long. It came with two ignition keys (that appear to be pretty new), but no door keys. Local locksmith wants $20 to rekey the cylinders if I carry them into the shop. Or ...


I can roll down the hill to Auto Zone and get NEW cylinders for $12.99. http://www.autozone.com/autozone/parts/ ... 02_0_1927_




Has anyone used these lock cylinders? Will they really fit an '88 Comanche, or do they need modifications to work? And what does the key really look like? The key in the photo appears to be a double-sided Chrysler key. That would work, but I'd rather have a key that looks like an '88 Comanche door key.


What's the collective wisdom of the hive?

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I do know without modifying the hole in the door, a 1992 (91?) and newer lock (single Chrysler style key for both doors and ignition) will not fit correctly in a 90 (91?) and older door using the GM style AMC keys with separate ones for the ignition and for the doors.

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The double sided Chrysler key lock will fit. A friend and I pulled a set of '93 XJ door and hatch locks from a donor with keys and put all 3 locks into his '90 XJ with the AMC/GM style locks. The locks fit fine but you need the actuator rods too. We didn't know this and ended up bending some welding rod to fashion a new actuator rod.

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