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Brake pedal switch question?

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I tried to modify my dual diaphram brake booster rod but had no luck. I think I ground off too much material so the switch won't turn on the brake lights and it's loose after tightening the bolt. I have a couple questions on what to do next.


First, should I just mount another switch on a metal plate and use it, I bought a '79 F250 brake switch.


Second, should I try to replace the brake pedal rod to the booster?


Third, Can I use the one that connects to the cruise control?


In the pic it's the white switch with the clear connector at the very top of the brake pedal.




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I'm going through this right now. the cruise switch works backwards of what you'll need. BUT I'm told the later model XJs have a brake switch that fits in the cruise switch spot. that's my plan, I just haven't gotten to a junkyard yet. :thumbsup:

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