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Vent line and oil leak! *pics*

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So when I was greasing my lift, I saw these tears in a hose up by my intake. I'm guessing this is my main intake. Could this be the vac leak that causes my truck to rough idle and die on cold start? I changed my IAC with little change in the idle of my truck. Is this available and easy to change?


Next, when I put my lift on, there was no oil leak. I changed my rear main seal, oil pan gasket, and my valve cover gasket in March. However, I look under to snap a few pictures and there it is. Clearly ran out from the front of my pan. Should I try to tightn bolts? I would rather not break the heads. I put the expensive rubber and metal gasket. I know I have blowby but is there enough pressure to leak htrough that gasket? And all of the sudden? Thanks in advance!

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Photo # 1 Warm air duct to air cleaner intake . You should be able to see it from above , running beside the air intake box into a thermo vacuum activated diverterter . The other end attaches to a tin housing on the exhaust manifold . :wrench:

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That hose IS NOT a vacuum hose. It supplies warm air to the intake when it's really cold outside.


Got a flashlight handy?

Take a look at the leak in front. Is it coming from above the oil pan? If so, it's the timing cover seal. Replacement requires special tools like a puller. You would be best off having a shop do it if it's needed.

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