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Engine Dies

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I have an 86 comanche with the 2.5 4 cylinder. It runs for about a mile then dies, but starts right back up.


I have replaced the Fuel Filter and check the gas cap vent. it still does it. fuel lines from tank are ok.


It is getting gas all the way to the carb. i can't think of what the problem might be. any suggestions.


:???: :dunno: :???: :dunno: :???: :dunno:

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I'm not as savvy on the throttle body 4 cylinder injection systems as I am on the 4.0s, but here are a few things I would check.


CPS output.


Fuel pump relay.




And make darn sure that braided strap from the back of the head to the firewall is in good shape. Be sure to remove it from the firewall end, scrape the paint off the attaching point on the firewall, clean the eyelet and reinstall.

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Do not forget that ground strap on the firewall to the head. It's a weak point and much of your fuel injection system relies on it for a ground path. Me, I would replace it with a ground cable. But, you need to do as an absolute minumum:

Remove each end, clean it's mounting point til shiny, clean the terminals and reinstall. You must scrape the paint off the firewall mounting point.

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