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changed gears LSD

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Several weeks ago i went and got another ford 9 inch chunk from an old 70's model ford pickup 2wd.i put it in the truck but couldnt use the 4wd cause the gears were wrong,today i pulled the chunk and put my old gears on.when i had it apart i found it had the ford limited slip unit on it. so basically i got a complete 9 inch rear with lsd for 50$ , i normally run detroits or lokrite lockers which don't require any special oils or additives etc. what additive do i put in this and how much. i've alrady put gear oil in it as i bought regular gear oil not knowing it had the limited slip unit in it. and the 9 inch doesnt have a drain plug.



Thanks John

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i set the backlash and checked the gear tooth pattern.first gear setup i've done really. i watched a few videos on youtube before i started. everything seemed to work out ok i drove it several times and everything seems ok. time will tell i guess.

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I have the original Powerlock limited slip in my D60, and I didn't put any friction modifier in it. The way I understand, the stuff just makes the discs slip a little so they don't shudder. I left it out so it grips better. seams to work fine.

It will also wear out faster without the friction modifier.

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