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Donor Vehicles


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I really feel for the guys that live in apartments or snooty, er, zoned neighbor hoods where they can't keep a donor vehicle. Maybe they could work out an arrangement with a local garage or service station or even a country friend who would let them park it in exchange for some of the parts, or something. Yesterday I bought this 1998WK for $350 and a 80 mile trip. It was rear ended and totaled by the insurance company. The fella bought it back from the ins co and was going to fix it, or something but the neighbors got bitchy and he had to sell. 133k miles.


The 5.2 engine is going here, '98WK


The AM_FM-CD-Cassette tape player is going here.

The transmission is going here

Both axles are going under here.

The leather full power and heated leather bucket seats are going in here

Tires and wheels are going here

May sell the front clip or parts. The rest is going to the crusher.

I would say that's getting my money's worth, not to mention the 35 cents I found under the back seat.

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