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Death Wobble

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my 1986 4x4 comanche suddenly started getting a death wobble any time I hit any sort of bump. It's all factory, no changes have been recently made to start the issue. It stays until I let off the gas and kinda coast to stability. It doesn't take much to set it off. A change in pavement can set it off. I've never had to fix a death wobble so I am not entirely sure where to start.

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If your tires have more than a few years age they can degrade internally even

with plenty of tread. The result -could- cause what folks cause DW. That

was my case. Step one was to road force balance (not just spin balance) which

solved ~75% of the DW. New tires and another round of RFB made it smooth

as it should be. How bad was it? A white knuckle, seat soiling, experience,

wondering which ditch I was about to land upside down in. As others have said,

track bar is the second leading candidate.

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