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xj curved seat bracket in mj?

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Hey guys I'm putting buckets from my donor xj into the mj and i am stumped...i read the writeup but my seat bracket seems to different from the one in the write up..i have the curved styled bracket as shown below..i have gotten to this point and don't know where to go from here as i can't get the seat mount off the tracks to drill out the rivets.

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I did this swap in my MJ, and regret it... GJeep mentioned, you sit way too high.. I'm 6'0", and I have barely two inches from my head to the roof. Its great for the long legs, but sucks for trying to look out the windshield. I have to duck down to look up at the stop lights. The seat themselves are so much more comfortable than the bench, that I'm keeping them in there until I can afford some new offroad suspension seats.


here's a couple pics of what I did to make them fit. You'll notice that they sit off-center to the MJ floor bracket, but only for the Drivers Side. The passenger side bolted directly to the MJ bracket.


The rear MJ bracket of mine will be slightly different than yours, because I had to move the inner floor mount outward to make room for my dual t-case setup. But the idea is the same.




The other issue I have with these seats, is that they sit further back than stock MJ buckets, and the headrest rubs on my rear window. For most it won't be a problem, but for me, my rear window is tinted, so its starting to rub the tint off....




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