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Aw4 advice?

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I've got one I'll sell you with and NP231 attached already and a spare NP231.

I'll include the control module.


$175 + Shipping. It's covered with oil and gunk as my truck used to leak from everywhere.

It shifted good when I pulled it. Converted to manual.


Let me know.



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If you are converting a 88 2WD to auto/4WD, I'd go with a 91 XJ/MJ and up donor as the AW4s changed from 21 to 23 spline inputs in 91. Or was it 1990? :hmm: Not a big deal depending on how you will be using it, but the 23-spline is more robust and will allow you to utilize the later model t-cases.

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I abuse my 87 mercilessly about once a month with 35" tires and dual lockers. The 21 spline output on the transmission has never once been an issue yet. I have grenaded front u joints, busted front axle shafts, broken a front driveshaft at the double cardan joint and twisted a rear driveshaft in half, but the transmission/transfer case have been fine.


$175 with transfer case attached plus a spare case is a good deal.

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Mike I'm real interested in your offer let me sit on it for a few as i am getting married this friday. :cheers: ill be in contact with ya for sure. One ? though are all aw4's the same or are there year and fitment differences? Thanks for the reply.



Let me know.


I don't know about any differences. This one is out of a 1990.


Congrats on getting married this Friday! :clapping:


I also have the front shaft and a front axle as well I'll sell cheap. (3.07:1)

Linkage, the whole nine yards. I'm parting out a 1990 XJ if you need anything...

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