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My 86 2.5l

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Hey guys I have an 86 4wd 5spd lwb comanche.

I finally finished a fixing a few of my other vehicles so its time for the Jeep.

First thing I decided to do was pull the carpet and now i wish i would have done it 2 yrs ago. :wall:

I have the drivers side pulled and its pretty rough.

The worse part is i was more concerned with the passenger side since you can feel the hole thru the carpet.

I will get some pics up here in a few minutes, gotta remember my photo bucket info.

I have a 302 i pulled from my mustang before i sold it and was considering swapping it.

Well onward with the pics and such.

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How it looked after purchased

Today before i started working on it.

Fender damage from sliding into someone during a storm.

Damage from the front.

The decent side.

Driver side bed rust.

Passenger side bed rust.

The p/o swapped this engine from a Cherokee.

Underhood 2.

Underhood 3.

Underhood 4.

Interior 1.

Interior 2 (funky carpet the p/o put in.

The beautiful balsa wood headliner.

Under the carpet, Driver rear.

Under carpet driver side 2.

Under carpet driver side 3.

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Got the rest of the carpet pulled today, the passenger side isn't to great either.

Can anyone tell me if this would be the stock cluster for an 86 2.5?

The reason i ask is none of my gauges work properly.


Passenger side floorboard.


Notice at the edge of the floor a long hole.

Close up of hole.

Trans tunnel is pretty good overall.

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Cluster looks stock to me. Know if it is original though? If it was a dummy light truck, the oil pressure and temp won't work. Some people put in the gauged cluster, but never change the sensors like they should.


And your from Texas? Why is this thing so rusty?



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Yeah i'm from Houston, I don't have any backstory on the truck so idk about the rust.

All I can figure is if the truck spent its whole life here, someone had it on the beach alot and didnt wash it much.

My main goal right now is to repair the rust and fix the slight damage from the wreck.

I'm still on the fence about putting the 302 I have into it, my brother is really trying to get me to do it.

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Yeah thats the best part about used cars lol.

Its almost like a mystery bag of sorts sometimes its good and other times not so much.

When i first got the truck it was having charging problems.

The first thing i figured was well I'll have the alt tested.

Poped the hood and pressed on the serpintine belt to check how tight it was.

The a/c compressor immedietly tries to flip off the bracket.

It was just resting on the mount with nothing holding it down.

If more people would just poke around at stuff used cars could be in alot better shape.

Like my floors for instance, when the p/o noticed holes he put down more carpet. :nuts:

Ok enough rambling, Does anyone know where to get new floor pans?

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I didnt realize RA had the floor pans i get all my parts to repair the DD there.

Ya I'm not to sure about the 302 (I really want to get a rolling fox body project).

Thanks for the links and the kind words for my poor truck lol.

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