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XJ Daily Winter Driver


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This is the XJ I bought cheap a few months ago with a bad transfer case. I ended using a Reman NP231 from Mountain Garage. Installed Rampage headlamps and fresh fluids throughout. And a CC sticker. jamminz.gif


Today I put my Rubicon wheels on. I figured they would not fit. The tire size is 245/75/16. Slight rubbing on the plastic bumperettes is all when turned and going in reverse.


Future plans are some paint work. Roof needs paint and the bottom of the driver door has a little bit of rust along with a small spot on the bottom of the liftgate. Could use a drivers floorpan too but all in all its been a great rig thus far. 18-20 mpg. 181k miles.




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Between the cost of the jeep, all fluids, t-case, Id say around 15 or 16 hundred bucks.


I did pay 650 :eek: for a reman case cuz I planned to pay full asking price for it till the t-case blew apart on the test drive. He wanted 2 grand for it. Couple more things I want to do, I will probably have 2300 invested.


http://www.nadaguides.com/Cars/2000/Jee ... -Equipment


http://www.kbb.com/jeep/cherokee/2000-j ... otabs=true


This is my second 2000 XJ with over 140k. don't believe all that hipe on the net about the head problems and that the problems plague every one...I have never seen it with my own eyes.. :thumbsup:

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