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So what's the deal here? TPS

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So I get the wife a 97XJ last weekend and as soon as we got it home the TPS went out. Erratic idle......no shift till 3500rpm....read codes..........sure-nough. Spent the $50 and all is well.


So this gets me to think'n today about the TPS on the Comanche 2.5


I unplugged it and it actually runs smoother throughout the rpm range. I figure the TPS is bad and ordered a new one. I also figure it in part controls the timing and fuel delivery.......but why better unplugged?


I suspect it has always been bad since I got it..........should I expect improved mileage and performance once replaced?

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thank you sooooo much for posting that. :thumbsup: I just experienced the same thing on my 90. I had swapped out the throttle body (sticking badly) and the old tps didn't want to come off, so I just grabbed one out of the junkyard box to put on the new tb. sure enough, it was doing what you described. I never would have thought to remove the tps harness and try it again. :doh: nothing changed so I tried another tps from the box. this one works great. :) and now I'll be drilling the old tps outta the old tb so I have a good spare.



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