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Bed sizes.....for cap

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It should...roughly. Measure:


Bed Width & Length - OD vs ID.

Cap front, from be to top of roof. Check the front ANGLE of the cap, we all know angle of the MJ cab - 90*...maybe 89*. The height of the cab is 21.5" or dang close to it. S-10 caps are only 20"


Make the same measurements on the truck. Ba da bing, there's your answer.

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I got a lead on a cap for a 94 Dakota short bed, will it fit a Comanche short bed?



Sellers only claim.........'came off dakota shortbed'....with no other declaration.


Do I trust their measurements? no thanks. Then drive 150 miles to pick it up? no thanks again.:)


Generally asking I guess is for a cross reference for bed sizes.

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