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junkyard MJ - cocoa, fl

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not much salvageable here, but there is a bed and tailgate in decent shape. i have no idea what they would charge but to give you an idea, i paid $20 for a driver side window there and $100 for a header panel, grille, light bezels, and all lights (assembled). this is at cocoa auto salvage in cocoa, fl (central fl, east of orlando). motor is gone, it was the 4.0. i didnt check drivetrain, but it was 4x4. quite honestly i would only suggest checking it out for the bed or tailgate. cab corners maybe or rear slider. its been door-less for quite some time (i remember seeing it there at least 6 months ago) so the bench seat is shot. anyways, here's the pics

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i could....they are in fact pocket sized :brows:

i have to get something every time i go since there's an entry fee of a dollar lol

but the only emblems are 'comanche' and '4x4'. there was nothing on the tailgate and the header panel was already gone so no jeep emblem

idk when ill go back again, ill try to remember if i do soon

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