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If you have stock rims, then you might have a bit of rubbing on the control arms when at full turn. Aftermarket rims will cure this, but then the tires sill contact the fenders. You can add a washer to the steering stops to prevent contact. Or, you can do as I did and install stock WJ lower control arms which have a bend in them to clear tires (see picture below). Plus they are a stronger arm and will have brand new bushings for a better ride. :D


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ebay, and I got insanely lucky with the price: $30 with shipping. Don't expect to see that again though. I waited for weeks before ANY of the correct arms came up. car-part.com would probably be a better source. Don't forget to search for other WJ parts and then contact the junkyard about getting arms. I never did get an answer from anyone about whether or not the upper arms fit. I'm betting they do, but can't find any to try.

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