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1988 Stereo wire listing

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last night I finally got around to setting up my new HU (head unit radio). My 88' Laredo had the original tape deck - (anyone want it? PM Me - I will sell for $10)


Anyway, I went to http://www.the12volt.com/installbay/ste ... /1219.html and the wire color do not match.


Further, I found around here the wiring diagram for the jeep and now...I have left-over wires?


Does anyone have a SIMPLE list of wires and colors?


New Head-unit has two groups of wires


1. Is power related

2. Is speakers (Left, right - Front rear...)


I am just trying to ensure that all WIRES are used and soldered correctly !


Thank you !!!

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There should be a schematic pasted to the top of the original radio for th3e power and speaker wires. According to the 88 FSM wiring diagrams, the red/tan wire goes to the power antenna, and the dark blu goes to the digital clock for dimming.

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This is what it was on my 86:


Comanche Side


12v switched......Red/Tan


Left Speaker......Green/Blackwhite

Right Speaker.....Black/White


The wiring colors change a lot. I recommend you get your multimeter and a AA. Use the multimeter to determine what's getting power switched or constant, and use the AA between the two wires you think are for a particular speaker. If the speaker wires are right, the AA's charge will allow the speaker to move some and create some noise.

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