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89 Comanche Pioneer

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Hey guys, my name is Matt and I just picked up an 89 Comanche Pioneer for 1k. It is the 4.0L 2wd model with the Ba10 5 speed. The truck has 126k miles and runs great so far. I picked this thing up with spare doors, fenders, hood, grille, trans, radiator, tail lights, a host of engine accessories, plugs, connectors, etc etc etc. Basically a shed full of parts that barely fit into the bed, haha! Here are few pics:










So as you can see, it has rust in the usual spots along the bed and a bit on the bottom of the doors. The rockers and floorboards are solid though, at least on initial inspection.


I got the Jeep to keep my other project car off the streets when the salt comes down. The other car is an 07 Mazdaspeed6. It currently is putting down about 300awhp on the stock turbo and patiently waiting for a twinscroll gt3076!






But anyways, enough of that Japanese garbage and back to :USAflag: :USAflag:


The one issue the jeep has is a pretty decent sized engine oil leak. I was looking on jeepforums and it seems like the rear main is a likely culprit. However, the side of the motor is wet with oil too and to me it looks like the leak is coming from the oil filter housing. If it's the rear main, I'll probably just end up using a drip pan until it's time to replace the clutch. But anyways, thanks for looking and see ya guys around on the boards!

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The interior on that truck looks a whole lot better than the outside. Other than the rust, it looks like you got a pretty good deal.


Is the MazdaSpeed 6 the same motor as the 3? I was close to buying a 3 several years back and was really impressed with the car.

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Is the MazdaSpeed 6 the same motor as the 3? I was close to buying a 3 several years back and was really impressed with the car.


Yea, both the speed3 and speed6 come with the 2.3L DISI. In the 3 it put down 254 hp, in the MS6 it was 274. The CX-7 also has a DISI, but it comes with a smaller turbo.

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Time for a little bump. I have put about 5k miles on jeeepy so she is at 131k now w/o any real issues besides this thing leaking like a sieve. I replaced the rear main, oil pan gasket, and the valve cover gasket. Now it leaks oil from the head gasket :dunno: . A few pics:









The plan is to convert jeepy to 4wd in about a month or so. I would like to swap over to the AX15 trans with the NP231 transfercase, but I am not entirely sure how easy of a swap this is going to be. There are plenty of 4wd cherokees in the pick and pull yards around Indy, but my main concern would be the rear drive shaft length. Would I be able to use one from a Cherokee, or would I need to find one off of a 4wd NP231 comanche? I'm going to search around here for some info, but I haven't really seen a definitive thread for this. If you guys can help me out here, I can piece together a pretty good how to with pics when I do the swap!

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Yea, I have been searching craigslist for a parts jeep for weeks now. I was kind of hoping to get some pointers as to which years would be the best to get. If I remember right, the 91+ are the HO motors and have an electrical gauge cluster vs mechanical. And 89+ xjs are the AX15 and not the $#!&ty BA10/5.

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I got lucky and found a donor XJ the same year as my MJ.


Are you sure the head gasket is leaking oil?


That doesn't sound good.


Have you cleaned the engine up to confirm that is where it is coming from?


These things leak from multiple places...


Positive it's the head gasket. I cleaned the entire engine bay and you can see it seeping by the head gasket. There is no oil in the coolant or coolant in the oil, and compression is good. I am not too terribly worried about it at this point, just another thing I have to get done.

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