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Comanche parts - West Chester PA, engine, wheels, t-case etc


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The other guy’s insurance company totaled my Comanche :mad: and I have these parts left:


Latest update: Pictures!!! Go to Photobucket: 1st time using it so bear with me....


- Roll bar with mounting hardware - $85

- 91 HO 4.0L complete with header pipe, Fuel Injection including wiring harness (spare fuel rail & injectors too) and ECU 80K miles- bought to rebuild and install have new timing chain & gears and new oil pump & new water pump still in boxes - $500

- 4 Canyon wheels with Dunlop A/T Radial Rover tires P235/75/15 - 105S - 10/32 or more tread depth remaining, wheels in good to excellent condition - $500

- NP/NV 242 transfer case 90K miles - $150

- spare electrical parts, under hood light, relays, instrument clusters (4), tow hooks & 1/2 of the brackets, Hella H4 headlights with 55/100watt bulbs, grille, jack, upper door frames with opening vent windows, door seals, floor mats, 1 very tattered factory shop manual but 95% there with 1987 & 1988 updates, recalls & service bulletins, 1 factory shop manual in good to excellent without recall & service bulletins, also have individual manuals for 4.0L, 2.8L, Chrysler 727 automatic (1986), Asian automatic, 231 transfer case, 242 transfer case, 2 sets of wiring diagram sheets, etc. - make an offer


I have pictures of the Sport (Roll) Roll bar, mounting hardware and a .pdf copy of the :idea: installation instructions from the shop manual. Akula69 has first "shot" at the "bar" :cheers: (.... pun intended!! Couldn't pass it up especially with the "B & B Liquors" avatar.... :rotf: ) pending shipping arrangements???


I also have pictures of the wheels & tires. Go to the Photo Bucket link above for all pictures.


Hoping for local pick up, delivery within 150 or less miles can be arranged for gas money. Call me on my cell at 610-662-2806. Thanks, Howard

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Hi Hick92,


I have one that has an electric speedometer drive rather than the mechanical cable that i think is from a 91 or later. The instruments have the black face with white and red markings. I posted pictures of it on the Photobuck link at the top of my original post.


Let me know if that is what your looking for.




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