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I'm tired -- 88 vacuum issues

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Son #3 has this 88 SWB. It has had so many people inside it and under the hood that nothing looks like it is supposed to anymore. Some PO added a really nifty front winch/bumper and deleted the vacuum tank. I am trying to get things straightened out on this thing (picked up a new single nipple football) but can't seem to get my head wrapped around how the vacuum routing is supposed to go. It is all new to me (never worked with vacuum before) so the diagrams in the 88FSM don't really help, plus they don't really show everything, I think.


Is there a different source for vacuum routing layout that I can get that might help make sense of this mess? We are trying to fix the issues before winter so at least we are not rushed, this time. :D

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Yes, it does. The front axle has already been locked over so we won't need vacuum down there. (Don't have a shift linkage from the lever to the 231, but that will be next.) I did not actually look at the 231 but I know that the vacuum lines are not connected to the steel lines going down in that direction and the previous PO did tell us that he locked the CAD over. Of course, that will get checked when we get to working on the linkage issue.


I was on other projects today (besides getting some sleep) but did manage to poke around this truck a little. I found a part that I can't idenitfy from the vacuum diagrams....... On the passenger fender wall under the hood hinge area is a little tin can looking thing mounted to a bracket with a vacuum line running to the bottom of it. It seems about the size of a 10-25 microfarad electrolytic cap. Can someone tell me what that is and it's purpose?



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